Move data, not documents

One of the most powerful ways to cut costs is to move data, not documents about the data. This was one of the themes of yesterday’s talk at the Huntingdon Manufacturers’ Association meeting with sixty or so senior people, mostly from cutting-edge and high technology manufacturing companies, for example in the aerospace, defense and rail network sectors. Click to view the presentation.

We raised a lot of interest for the idea of triggering a workflow in a location by detecting an iBeacon like those from Estimote. With projects in a manufacturing environment kicking off in June 2014, watch this space for more

“Move data, not documents” – Why?

There are two key cost-cutting benefits:

  1. Firstly, by reporting data rather than a document you’re getting immediate visibility and opportunity for analysis. Gone are the delays, costs and errors of finding, opening and keying information from documents and reports before you can spot trends.
  2. Secondly, it’s common in many industries to move paper around from one work station to another, or between locations. This keeps the truth of what’s going on in the business hidden from central visibility and control. In one highly regulated (medical equipment) manufacturing business they need full traceability of their production history. They record every step of the process diligently on paper, but only analyze the document some time after the goods have been shipped to the customer and the ‘traveller’ document is sent away to be keyed in to a computer system. By moving data about their production instead of the document they can get immediate analysis, and trigger workflow alerts much earlier, when there’s a chance to fix things!

With a measurable ROI in weeks and representative 20k repeatable savings on a 5k project, this is a simple innovation that is worth doing. We’d love to help you to get started!




Move data, not documents

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