iBeacon PR opportunity – Help?!

iBeaconWill you help me by forwarding this on to others who might be interested?

iBeacon indoor micro-location tracking has massive potential to gain a competitive edge and a lot of significant media attention from major business publications. Just Google ‘iBeacon’ to see some of what’s happening. It’s going to disrupt many industries.

We’re breaking new ground with a world-first before Christmas when we added iBeacon technology to the Red Starfish app. You can get 58% cost savings and recover the cost of your iPad after 200 uses of the app. With iBeacons, you can now trigger jobs when in a designated area, even underground.

Working with one of the iBeacon manufacturers, we’ve got a major opportunity to pick up a 50+ iBeacon pilot project. One of our clients is suddenly caught in the implications of their recent multi-million acquisition of their competitor; they’ve put all 80 current IT projects across the two companies on hold while they rationalize.

They’ve stepped out of the iBeacon project sort of at the last minute; will you forward this on to anyone who might know someone who’d like to grab this PR and competitive edge opportunity?

Contact us urgently if you’d like to know more!





iBeacon PR opportunity – Help?!

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