About us

about usHere’s a little detail about our small team: we do so much because there’s a tiny gap between one brain and another’s keyboard!

Starfish CI Ltd is located in the United Kingdom and established on 1 September 2010.

We deliver 58% cost savings by letting you build iPad replacements for your business processes with the ease of drag and drop. We provide software and consulting in collaborative intelligence, GeoSocial commerce and IT for strategic competitive advantage.

Our team builds innovative software that allows you to simultaneously cut costs, increase revenue, engage with clients and lock out competitors.

The company draws on the extensive experience of its principal and founder, Mike Schorah, and a technology base developed by core members of the team from Mike’s previous company located in the USA.

Alistair Hunt is an economist and management accountant with a wide range of experience helping businesses of all sizes to make more effective use of limited resources.

Seth Hein brings phenomenal iOS development skills on top of seven years of experience in Microsoft SharePoint: just look at how much he’s been able to oversee and deliver!

Jeremy Foster is an ex-Disney ‘Imagineer’ and is skilled not just in ‘crayons’ but in animation and user interface design. He’s done some super work on our earlier projects and we hope to unleash him soon on the iPad app!

Red Starfish allocate jobs to usersJoseph Wain has produced a phenomenal set of graphics resources under the name Glyphish. He’s done a fab job for us in providing almost all of the button graphics that we use throughout Red Starfish; and he’s even paid great attention to detail on a button version of our Red Starfish graphic that you’ll see used in the app to notify of new jobs to do.

Barry Brown, ran our software development until his sudden and shocking death on 8 June 2013​. He was one of the world’s most experienced pioneers of “Rich Internet Application” technology. This is an approach that combines the best of the low-cost, high-speed communications and interaction capability afforded by the Internet with the privacy and local-processing power of the user’s own PC, Mac or Linux computer. By storing and processing information on the user’s local machine organisations can engage many users without having to invest heavily in network infrastructure, capacity or central processing power.

Starfish CI Ltd is founded and led by Mike Schorah. He has twice turned a company from loss to operating profit out of cash flow. After a seven-year technology background at IBM, Mike has experience of working in SE Asia, the USA as well as Europe and the UK with for-profit and non-profit local, national and global organizations. He has extensive experience of leading teams and deploying technology from customer relationship management systems to Software-as-a-Service applications delivered via the Internet.

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